The Most Affordable Facelift: A Comprehensive Guide

Aging of the face is an inevitable process, but a facelift can help you stay younger for many years to come. Our clinic offers forehead, middle, lower and other facelifts, which are complex procedures that provide accurate and permanent results. Depending on the patient's wishes and other indications, the extent of the surgery is chosen individually. A lift can be performed on the forehead, the middle part, the lower part of the face, or the full face.

At our clinic, we prioritize personal contact with our patients. We have a travel manager who will pick you up (and drop you off) at the airport and provide transportation between the clinic and the hotel. You will always have direct contact with the surgeon and your travel manager who will answer your questions and provide you with recommendations. Our patients are covered by reliable insurance that covers surgical negligence.

We also guarantee maximum safety as we only work with a limited number of patients per year. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical technologies and covers all EU standards of care. After surgery, patients are accommodated in cozy rooms with single beds to make their recovery smooth and pleasant. Our team is led by Dr.

Giedrius, a young star of plastic surgery with years of experience. He and his team are renowned for practical interaction, precision and excellent patient outcomes. We make every effort to ensure that the patient is satisfied with it. Many people travel abroad to countries such as Brazil, Iran, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan to undergo facelift surgery at affordable prices.

In Thailand, for example, a facelift is known to cost only about $2,000 on average. A mini facelift is less dramatic surgery than a full face and neck lift, designed to provide a youthful appearance with smaller scars. It tightens the skin and jawline, leaving the face with a noticeably firmer and more toned appearance. Aset Hospital specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and in men or women whose facial and neck skin is loose but still elastic and whose bone structure is strong and well-defined.

As an alternative procedure to a full facelift for patients who are not yet ready or need a traditional full facelift, there are other variants of the procedure to treat specific areas of the face. The mini facelift is a great option if you think you're not ready for a full facelift yet or if you want to choose one more affordable option. In conclusion, if you're looking for an affordable facelift procedure, consider traveling abroad to countries such as Poland, India, Turkey, Thailand or Brazil where you can find renowned hospitals and trained doctors at very affordable prices. However, it's important to remember that plastic surgery is a very complex procedure that involves detailed knowledge of anatomy, experience and execution of a great surgical technique so make sure to choose the right country, hospital and surgeon.

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