Achieve a Youthful Facial Appearance with a Mini Facelift in Tampa

Do you want to look as young as you feel? If you're considering a Morpheus8 facelift in Tampa, Dr. Traci Temmen can provide you with a consultation to determine how to make you look your best with plastic surgery. Traci Temmen specializes in endoscopic facelifts, facelifts with short scars, mini-facelifts and non-surgical facelifts for those who need minimal downtime and a quick recovery. Facelift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that elevates the soft tissues of the face while firming and removing excess facial skin, leaving patients with a fuller, firmer, and fresher appearance. A facelift can improve “parenthesis lines” that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth and eliminate “puppet lines” that go from the corner of the mouth to the chin.

A facelift can also tighten the jawline and neck by correcting the double chin of the lower part of the face and the dreaded “turkey neck”. Any patient suffering from signs of facial aging may be a candidate for a facelift. Most facelift patients, male or female, are over fifty years old and are interested in “turning back the clock 10 or 15 years.” Facelift patients generally want fuller, raised cheeks, a firmer jawline, reduced facial wrinkles, and firmer, smoother facial skin. To guarantee each patient the best results and the safest facelift surgery possible, Dr.

Traci Temmen performs a complete medical history and physical examination of each patient considering undergoing facial rejuvenation procedures. During each facelift or non-surgical consultation, Dr. Temmen and her staff take the time to explain the surgery in detail, describe the expected results, and answer all possible questions. A mini facelift, often called a lifestyle lift or short scar facelift, is able to tighten a small area of facial skin on the outside of the cheeks and jaw.

During a mini facelift, the underlying soft tissues, fat, and facial muscles are not fully addressed and, therefore, the results are generally short-lived and usually last for one to two years. A mini facelift is performed through an approximately three-inch scar in the crease in front of the ear. A mini facelift is often used as a secondary or touch-up procedure years after full facelift surgery. Patients undergoing a Temmen facelift often have drains placed on the lower part of the face to help speed recovery and decrease post-operative complications.

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Traci Temmen is trained not only in facelift and facial rejuvenation surgery, but also in properly diagnosing and treating complications and risks associated with cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures. If you're interested in achieving a more youthful facial appearance with a mini facelift in Tampa, schedule an appointment with Dr. Traci Temmen today for a free consultation. He will evaluate your facial structure and analyze your medical history to determine if a mini facelift is right for you.

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